Motorola Dinara Going To Be The Next Android Super Phone?

Keep in mind that what you are going to read is an unconfirmed rumor. It looks like, Motorola is already prepping the successor version for the yet-to-be released Motorola Droid Bionic handset, and it might turn out to be Moto’s next super Android powered phone. The folks over Droid-Life have came through some unconfirmed sources this morning, and according to them, an handset on the name of Motorola Dinara (code name) is said to be manufacturing at the moment, and it is having interesting features to come up with.

Motorola Dinara Sample Image

According to the source, the unconfirmed Motorola Dinara will be packed in thinner and lighter body than the Droid Bionic, but it will be having the same length and width as the Bionic. The members over Howard Forums are saying that the Motorola Dinara will be sporting a bigger HD display with 1280 X 720 pixel of resolution than that of the Motorola Droid Bionic, and it will be shipping equipped with TI processor clocked at an unknown speed, 1GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel primary camera, a VGA front-facing camera to make video calls, and a non-removable battery. The power button of the Motorola Dinara is indeed on the side and there is a rubberized back.

The sources haven’t mentioned whether or not the Motorola Dinara will be having Big Red network’s 4G LTE connectivity, and according to the post #283 at Howard Forums, this beast appears to be Motorola Model MB886 for AT&T, while the Android OS version is still mysterious to everybody. The source is saying that it s salted for Winter season, and we guess that the Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS will be readying at that time.

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[Source: Droid-Life, Howard Forums]

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