Motorola Droid Bionic Coming This Summer; Tweeted By Motorola

Motorola Mobility’s first ever 4G LTE capable Motorola Droid Bionic was first unveiled to the world at CES 2011 event in January, that was supposed to release on Big Red’s network. But, Motorola was having some serious issues with the design and hardware of Droid Bionic, and decided to bring it with an improved form factor, new Android version, a major overhaul, hardware updates, and some enhanced capabilities. Recently, we’ve seen a few leaked images of the new Motorola Droid Bionic, and according to these leaked images, we got some idea about how it is going to look, and what changes are going to take place. But we want to know exact details about when it will hit the Verizon shelves. though the company has promised to release it by this year. You would be glad to know that the release date is even closer than we thought.

Via its Twitter account, Motorola Mobility have almost confirmed that the new Motorola Droid Bionic is scheduled to release this summer. This must be a great news for Motorola fans, who are eagerly waiting for an LTE capable Moto handset, since HTC and Samsung have already launched their own LTE capable handsets – ThunderBolt, and the Samsung Droid Charge, which are holding by the Verizon Wireless.

Moto has also mentioned that their team is working on a few new updates. Here is the Tweet by Motorola regarding Droid Bionic release status:


The new improved Motorola Droid Bionic handset will be having Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OS, sporting a new BLUR UI with a new 3D look, and a new Spartan lock screen, sporting a bigger 4.5-inch qHD screen panel, dual-core processor cloaked at 1GHz, 1080p HD video recording capability with the help of its LED flash equipped 8 megapixels camera, laptop dock support like AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 4G, and the handset will be powered by a powerful 1750mAh battery. That’s all we’ve about the new Droid Bionic as of now. Impressive specs..right? So hang on tight for the release day of Droid Bionic, as Motorola said in its Tweet.

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