[Download] Motorola Droid Pro’s Software Update 4.7.3.en.US Rolling Out Now

Motorola Droid Pro Gets 4.7.3.en.US Update

Verizon is now pushing out a new firmware update for the Motorola Droid Pro handset. No, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich build, but it’s carrying handful of bugs and a few improvements, bringing the new software version 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US. Here’s the full changelog of the 4.7.3.en.US update for the Droid Pro handset:

# Enhanced keyboard backlighting.
# Improved security with DigiNotar security patch.
# You can enable Wireless Alerting System.
# Device will no longer lockup or reset after an OTA update.
# Device will no longer automatically power on after it has been powered off.
# Addition of updated VCAST apps and VZ Navigator apps.


If you own a Motorola Droid Pro and haven’t updated to 4.7.3 update yet, look for an OTA notification on your handset that will ask you to accept the update or else you pull the update by hitting Menu –> Settings> About Phone> System Update –> Download and follow he on-screen instruction to finish the upgrading process of the 19.9MB of update.

Source: Verizon

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