Can Motorola’s Razr+ 2023 Overcome its Tiny Battery Size?

Motorola Razr+ 2023

The competition in the flip phone market is set to intensify this year, as Oppo enters the international fray. While Samsung and Motorola have been the key players thus far, Motorola is gearing up to launch a new device in this space later in the year. Initially, it was assumed that this device would be called Razr 2023, in line with Motorola’s past naming conventions. However, recent developments suggest that this may not be the case.

A fresh rumor has surfaced yesterday suggesting that Motorola’s upcoming foldable device will be called the Motorola Razr+ 2023. The reasoning behind the “+” addition remains unclear, but speculation suggests that it may be linked to the device’s reported feature of having the largest outer screen ever seen on a flip-style foldable. As leaks continue to emerge, it’s likely that more details about the Razr+ 2023 will become available in the coming weeks and months.

Motorola’s Razr+ 2023’s rumored tiny battery

Unfortunately, there may be some bad news on the horizon for Motorola fans. The previous Razr 2022 model already had a mediocre battery capacity of 3,500 mAh, but the rumored Razr+ 2023 is said to be even worse, boasting a paltry 2,850 mAh cell. This is a far cry from the impressive 3,700 mAh battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and the 4,300 mAh battery capacity of the Oppo Find N2 Flip. These numbers are so disappointing that one can only hope that the information is inaccurate or that Motorola has found a way to optimize battery life in other areas.

It’s possible that the reported battery capacity of 2,850 mAh for the Motorola Razr+ 2023 is only for one of the cells housed in one of the two halves of the phone, and that there will be additional capacity in the other half. However, it’s important to take this speculation with a grain of salt, as the actual details of the phone’s battery configuration have not yet been confirmed. For now, we can only hope that Motorola has found a way to optimize the phone’s power usage and overall battery life, regardless of the specific battery capacity.

According to rumors, the Motorola Razr+ 2023 is said to have the model number XT2321 and will feature 30W wired fast charging support. While it’s important to take these rumors with a grain of salt until official confirmation, this news may offer some hope to potential Razr+ 2023 buyers who are concerned about the phone’s rumored low battery capacity. With fast charging capabilities, users may be able to quickly top up the battery and get back to using their phone.

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