Motorola to introduce 7- and 10- inch Tablets and 4G phones: c0-CEO Sanjay Jha

Motorola tablets and 4G phones

Motorola is going to join the Tablets Venture in near future. Speaking at an event this week in a keynote, at the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference, Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha has essentially revealed that they would be coming out with both 7” and 10” sized tablets in soon and he also confirmed that Motorola would be launching 4G handsets through Verizon carriers early next year. Lets just hope they can make user friendly tablets with communication capabilities.

Motorola recently stated that it would be splitting the company into two corporate entities, Motorola Mobility & Motorola Solutions in January and the company’s main focus in the mobile space would continue to be smartphones and will definitely participate in the tablet space.

According to Jha, Motorola will focus on software differentiation with its tablets, targeting the enterprise, international and retail market places and he is very excited about the future of Motorola’s mobile business. Speaking about smartphones, the company will be focusing on top-tier and mid-tier devices, where as mid-tier devices have sold in bulk volumes internationally, while top-tier phones found success in the U.S.

According to sources, Motorola will launch its Nvidia Tegra 2-powered Android tablet in February or March 2011 and might be named as ‘Motopad’, and it will run Google Android Honeycomb as Froyo, is not suitable for tablets according to Google officials.

Source: Engadget

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