Motorola X Phone Coming In 20 Different Colors: Rumor

Motorola X Phone

We’ve been hearing about the Motorola X Phone over the past few months, which is going to be an highly anticipated Android phone for this year. Some reliable source have already revealed out that X Phone will be offered across all carriers, as well as the Play store for affordable pricing, which will be similar to Nexus-line off-contract pricing. We also heard that Motorola will offer it with an unlockable bootloader and Verizon will sell it $299 on contract.

A couple of days ago, Motorola Design Chief, Jim Wicks has said that Motorola’s next release (we believe it is X Phone) would be fantastic. Some rumors have also hinted at customizable Motorola X Phone, which lets you to choose the right screen size, processor speed, amount of RAM, or case material for the device. But, PhoneArena is reporting that a source of Motorola information has confirmed that the X Phone is only going to be externally customizable.

According to the source, users won’t be able to customize the internal hardware of the handset. It’s also worth mentioning that Motorola is preparing to provide up to 20 different colors of X Phone for customers.

Motorola X Phone Leak

Well remember this should be treated as a rumor and you always have to kind of take it with a grain of salt. But we must say the buzz surrounding this handset’s launch is really getting loud. Motorola X Phone is rumored to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and could be introduced at Google I/O event in next month. Latest reports are suggesting that the device is slated to release in 2nd half of 2013.

Source: Phone Arena

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