Sprint Marked Motorola Xoom Spotted

Sprint Brabded Motorola Xoom Spotted

Various rumors are circling online that Sprint connected Honeycomb tablet Motorola Xoom and Motorola Atrix smartphone will be releasing soon. It is being heard that both the devices will come with support for Sprint’s exclusive 4G WiMax network.

Fuelling the speculations, Sprint Users forum member r0fl posted the live images of the Mootorola Xoom, which is bearing the Sprint logo on top side of the tablet. r0fl was the same person who leaked images of the HTC EVO Shift 4G and Sprint MiFi 4082 before their official release and announcement, back in December.

Motorola Xoom is currently available for sale through the Verizon Wireless with CDMA connectivity similar to what Verizon has. At present, we don’t have the confirmations that the device will be released as WiMAX upgradeable or WiMax-enabled out of the box.

Check out the Motorola Xoom Full Specifications.

[VIa: Sprint Users Forum]

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