[Download] Netflix App Update For Android Honeycomb Available Now

Netflix App Support For Android Honeycomb

Recently, Netflix app’s compatibility has been upgraded to the whole host of Froyo (Android v2.2) and Gingerbread (Android v2.3) devices. Now the Netfllix app bring its support for Android Honeycomb (v3x) tablets, as well as allowing the video streaming access to users in additional nations including Canada and Latin America regions. So Android users can now get Netflix on Android in those regions for free. Finally, the existed Netflix subscribers can access the Netflix app on their Android Honeycomb OS powered tablets without concerning about the need to install the third party .apk files. That’s great news and the updated app is now available to download from Android Market for free.  We included the links to the Android market below for your convenience.

Netflix users in Latin America have to wait one month between the availability of Netflix streaming service and this app support and the Android users up in Canada have had to wait quite a while for this support.

Netflix App Support For Android Honeycomb

Netflix App Support For Android Honeycomb


Head over to Android Market (hit the link) to grab the Netflix App to stream movies on your Android Honeycomb (3.0+) tablets for free and it is weighing 6MB of size. YOu can also scan through the following QR code to grab the app.

Netflix App's QR Code

Source: Android Market

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  1. Being able to stream online content to your smart phone has its benefits for mobile viewing; however what’s it worth when there are only a handful of titles actually worth watching. I had Netflix for over a year, and after a couple months I hardly launched the mobile app since I had no interest in over 75% of what was available. I am just glad that now I can stream live and recorded TV to my android phone everywhere I have 3G coverage or Wi-Fi with my employee Sling adapter. DISH is offering the Sling adapter to all customers for free after a mail in rebate. I would rather watch all my channels on my phone, than pay $10 a month for mediocre online content.


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