Android Market updated with new UI for handsets powered by 1.6 or above

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Google has announced that a new Android Market Client will be coming to all devices running Android 1.6 or greater over the next two weeks. Google has updated the new Android market with a new overhaul UI to access all the relevant information about a specific app on only a single page. It also includes ‘related app’ part and this can be done without navigating different tabs and it also introduces the process of exploring and downloading an app that you might like, which is easier to find in a carousel interface and the experience will almost be brand new along with more updated categories like Widgets and Live Wallpapers for popular apps and games.

On the other side, the refund window has also been reduced down to 15 minutes from 24 hours, so no more gaming the system, which sounds odd for users and this change favours developers, who have been complaining about previous refund window since most refunds occur within minutes of purchase. Good thing is that the developers can now able to upload the applications(.apk files) up to 50 MB, which has been limited to 25MB until now.

According to Android Developers Blog, some more new capabilities and changes will be rapidly coming in future to enhance the Android market for both users & developers.

So try this new Android Market and the present version is 2.2.6. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications> Al l> Market and clear data to force the update.

Folks over Droid-Life suggested some links to download New Android Market from here Link1 or Link2 or Link3

How to install the new Android Market on your Android devices

1.  Download the file from above links on your Android handsets powered by 1.6 or higher versions..
2.  When it finishes, tap on it, then “Install”, then “Open.

Note a thing that before you install this New Android market Client do not forget to make a backup.

Source Android developers, Droid-Life.

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