[Download] New Google Search Update has Google Now Widget for Home & Lock Screens

Google Now Widget for Lockscreen

Last year. Google has introduced an amazing feature called Google Now via Android 4.1 Jelly Bean build. Google Now is a personal assistant for Android devices that was introduced as an extension of Android’s native Google Search application. A few hours ago, the Android team has updated the Google Search app, which is carrying one of the most impressive new widget. This move from EI Goog makes the users pretty easy to access Google Now’s information than it was before.

After upgrading to the new Google Search app, you will get a new Google Now widget, that can display a summary of a user’s Google Now cards on both the Home screen and lock screens. The updated Google Search app is also bringing some other features along with it. The list includes movie passes from Fandango, real estate listings from Zillow, support for movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, and support for U.S. college sports in Google Now. The app is also included with a music button on U.S. based Android phones (if you’re playing a song in voice mode).

Google Now Widget for Fandango Movies

Google Now widget for Fandango Movie Passes suggests when you when you should start for the movie you have purchased tickets for. It also gets you a scannable QR code that can be used at the theatre.

It’s worth mentioning that Lockscreen Google Now widget works only on Android 4.2+ build running handsets. You can resize the Google Now widget on your Home screen.

Google Now Widget for Lockscreen

Hit the below link to grab the updated Google Search app from Play Store to take advantage of the new Google Now widget.


Source: Google Play Store

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