New iPad Pro 2022 to have reverse wireless charging, M2 Chip


The release of the next-gen iPad Pro tablet is just a few weeks away – but some reliable sources have already indicated much of what might be due to arrive. The new iPad Pro is set to get some considerable new features, new capabilities, improvements over its predecessor, as well as the new processor under the hood, according to early reports.

The iPad Pro launched in last year, features Apple’s own M1 chipset, which was announced in November 2020. The upcoming iPad Pro is rumored to ship with the latest-gen M2 chipset, which was built using next-generation 5-nanometer technology, with better performance per watt. Apple claims that M2 is much faster and more efficient than Intel chips. The M2 chip is 1.4x faster than the ‌M1‌, with an 18 percent faster CPU, a 40 percent faster Neural Engine, and a 35 percent more powerful GPU

Recent Geek benchmark reports have also confirmed that the M2 chip is up to 20 percent faster than the ‌M1‌ chip in case of multi-core performance.

The new intel comes from Bloomberg – the new iPad Pro will get some form of wireless charging capabilities. It seems Apple is testing a glass back closure for new iPad Pro, which allows for wireless charging. The same source is claiming that Apple is seriously considering to add Magsafe battery pack for the new iPad tablet. Apple is also rumored to bring the next-gen iPad Pro with reverse wireless charging capability, so that you can charge your AirPods or your iPhone by laying them on the back of the iPad.

The upcoming iPad Pro is also expected to have a couple of new four-pin connectors, distinguished from the current three-pin Smart Connector in the iPad Pro. That means the new connector will support a vast type of accessories on the new iPad.

for new iPad Pro, Apple is reportedly working on the third-gen Apple Pencil with a redesigned tip, and a glossy finish, rather than the matte white finish used on the 2nd gen of the accessory. The launch of the new Apple Pencil will be the first mainline in Pencil series since 2018.

via: MacRumors

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