Next-gen 2012 iPhone 5 Parts Picture leak again, New photos show fully assembled device


With the new iPhone moving into production, more of these parts are starting to leak out. The latest leak from a repair center iLab has shown a fully assembled body. As we had reported previously, the new iPhone body with a miniaturized docking port, new headset jack, and brushed metal back has appeared again

This is the first time we’ve seen a solid look at it fully assembled while many of its parts look similar to what we’ve already seen. The new photos give a clear look at what a black, fully-assembled next-generation iPhone might look like. iLab also has some photos of other individual components what appears to be the locking ribbons for the screen and home button.




This new version currently in production is likely to be shipped to customers this fall.

Via 9to5Mac
Source iLab

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