Nexus 10 to tackle Overpriced and Underpowered 10-inch tablets: Android Director

Google Nexus 10

Last Friday, in an interview with Google’s director of business development for Android, John Lagerling, spoke with the New York Times about the Nexus program, Motorola and Android in general.

Recently, Google released three new generation Android devices including Nexus 4 smartphone, upgraded 7-inch tablet Nexus 7, and 10-inch tablet PC the Nexus 10. This makes Google further in direct competition with Apple, which has a similar three products: iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad. In that interview, Lagerling talked about the company’s strategy with the Nexus brand, one that revolves around lower prices.

Lagerling stated replying to a question that the highlights of the new Nexus devices are 360-degree panoramic photo, photo Sphere and inductive charging, so user can just put it on a surface to charge. He further replied that Google did really well with the Nexus 7 because nobody really pushed the envelope with its seven-inch in terms of price and performance.

When asked why Google decided to push for a larger Nexus, 10-inch tablet, the director replied the category was “overpriced and underpowered, and we wanted to see what we could do.” Lagerling also restated that Motorola is also a partner. They are really walled between the Motorola team and Android team. They would bid on doing a Nexus device just like any other company.

Source: NewYorkTimes

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