Nexus One will get Gingerbread OTA update ‘in the coming weeks’ officially

Ginegrbread on Nexus OneGinegrbread on Nexus One

The first Google smartphone Nexus one is going to be Gingerbread device very soon. Google Nexus @ Twitter has finally confirmed that Nexus One is will be upgrading to latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread in “the coming weeks”. Google Nexus S is the first to device to run with Android Gingerbread and Nexus One will be the second device. Google hasn’t announced a definite date for the Gingerbread Over-The-Air update. We can expect this process could be done before Christmas or in early January, as CES 2011 is also around the corner.

We’ve already seen a Gingerbread ROM hit the Nexus One through the dev community, although it is still early and is missing some features, which was launched unofficially with out Google apps and no camera support by a developer ChrisSoyars. You can download the zip and flash it now.

It might be working pretty well on your Nexus One device. So we can hope Google releases Gingerbread official update so early. The update will be issued over the air, so users will not have to connect their Nexus One smartphones to PCs in order to apply the update. Once Android 2.3 begins rolling out, users will see an alert on their devices and will be walked through the update process.

Source Google Nexus @ Twitter

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