[Download] Nexus S OTA Android 2.3.2 update to fix the SMS Bug

Android SMS Bug Fixed For Nexus SSamsung Google Nexus S

We’ve previously reported that there has been an on-going SMS Bug in Android platform for around 7 months, which leads the users to get upset and frustrated too because that so-called SMS Bug is sending the text messages to random and wrong contacts in the address book and occurrences appear to be random. Thanks to Google. Google has finally started pushing out an OTA update to Nexus S users to fix this problem.

The Android 2.3.2 OTA Update should hit the Nexus S handsets at any time and the update is being pushing out in waves, so get panic if you don’t get it at first instant. This is not any major update, and according to sources, it is only fixing the SMS bug and the current OTA update is not going put any solution about the “restart problem” faced by some Nexus S handsets.

Android 2.3.2 OTA Update For Nexus S

How to Check for Nexus S OTA Android 2.3.2 Update.

So Google Nexus S users should start checking their handsets for OTA 2.3.2 update which is weighing 601kb of size and users need to navigate the options – “Home” > “Menu” > “Settings” > “About phone” > “System Updates” on their handsets.

[Source: Galaxy S Support(Twitter)]

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