Nintendo 3DS up for pre-orders at Amazon & GameStop

Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders at Amazon & GameStopNintendo 3DS Pre-Orders at Amazon & GameStop

Late yesterday, 3D portable gaming system, Nintendo 3DS has been officially launched by the Japanese Electronics makers. Gamers must be alerted for the another news too. Giant Online stores Amazon and GameStop has both started offering pre-orders for Nintendo 3DS.

Amazon & GameStop have offering the Nintendo 3DS pre-orders in Aqua Blue & Cosmo Black colors for an amount of $249.99. The device is scheduled to release on March 27th in both sites.

Nintendo 3DS features a 3.53-inch display with glasses-less 3D effect and features a 3D Depth Slider, a Circle Pad, 2GB SD Card, Nintendo 3DS Camera software, 3DS’ ability to double as a pedometer, Mii Maker, and the Nintendo eShop, SpotPass, StreetPass, Freind Codes, Mii Maker, and the Nintendo eShop to download new software. In addition, the 3DS will be backwards compatible with Nintendo DS and DSi games and many more.

Buy: you can buy the Nintendo 3DS here at Amazon Stores in Aqua Blue & Cosmo Black colors for $249.99. You can also pre-order the device here at GameStop Stores for the same price.

Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders at Amazon Pricing

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