Nokia 700 “Zeta” Leaked Pitcures Surface

Looks like Nokia is prepping series of Symbian phones before their first Windows Phone comes out. We have been seeing and hearing about various upcoming new Symbian phones from Nokia. And now another phone makes it debut through leaked pictures. A new phone named Nokia 700 a.k.a Zeta has been spotted in some of the leaked pictures that were sent to GSMArena by a tipster.

Nokia 700 Zeta leaked pictures

Nokia 701 and Nokia 700 specs sheet

Nokia 600 and Nokia 500 leaked specs sheet

Adding to this leak, we have another leak of sheets (courtesy Flashfly) suggesting the possible specs in the Nokia 700 along with Nokia 701 (Helen), Nokia 600 (Cindy) and Nokia 500 “Fate” (Could be Nokia N5 which was leaked earlier). Nokia 700 is perhaps going to be a replacement of Nokia C6-01 and specs wise it will be having a 3.2-inch nHD AMOLED display, weighing in at 80g, 10mm in thickness which is not going to support the “thinnest smartphone ever” tag that was placed next to it in the leaked specs sheet. And looking at the pictures, we can see that the phone is having a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash on its back along with the NFC connectivity. The source has said that the phone will be packing a 1GHz processor and will be running Symbian Belle (next version after Anna), Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity, and HSPA support. It will be powered by a 1080mAh battery.

That is all what we have now. We don’t when any one of the above devices will hit the markets. We hope we get some official info soon.

[Source: GSMArena, Fastfly] [Via: Engadget]

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