Nokia 800’s Images Leaked Online; Cases Available For Sale At Amazon

We are just less than 24 hours from the Nokia World event to see Finnish company, Nokia’s announcement on the upcoming Windows Phone products including Nokia 800, Nokia Sabre, Nokia Ace, Nokia Lumia and there might be more as Steve Ballmer has tipped that there will be “bunch” of Nokia Windows Phones announcing at the event. We’ve already seen the leaked images of the Nokia Sabre and Nokia 800. The Nokia 800 looks like the Nokia N9 ditching out the meebo OS and slapping the Windows Phone 7.5 love inside it. The folks over TheNextWeb got their hands on the Nokia 800 phone and leaked the images of it showing the front side and back side. Nokia 800 handset is already broadcasting on teasers on UK based televisions. German carriers have got chance to spend some time on unit tests and saying positive things about the Nokia 800.

Nokia 800 Windows Phone's Leaked Image Nokia 800 Windows Phone's Leaked Image

The phone is characterized by a cool design and great build quality. I’m sure that Nokia can thus build on previous successes.”, says Niek Jan van Damme of Deutsche Telekom.

O2 Germany CEO René Schuster has stated that “I am particularly impressed by the design and simple interface. The device will stimulate the market. We would like to offer it in the Christmas season.

It should be reminded about that the Amazon is already selling out the rear cases for Nokia 800, referring the handset model number as N800, with availability of Red, Lime Green, Cyan, Fushia and Black colored cases.

Nokia 800 Windows Phone's Case At Amazon

Source: Amazon, The Next Web

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