Nokia 801 Belle Phone Image Leaked?

Nokia 801 Belle Leak

There have been so many negative impacts on hopes for future Nokia Belle OS powered handsets and we also heard that Finnish mobile giant Nokia has planned to shut down the Belle platform as soon as as possible. We’ve been hearing about a purported Nokia Belle-powered device claiming to be the Nokia 803, which is being rumored as the last edition for the Belle platform as the successor of the Nokia N8 handset. But, today an alleged photo of the of the forthcoming Belle handset, the 801.

The image of the so-called Nokia 801 was primitively posted by SmartPhoneGeeks website and later confirmed by the Russian controversial blogger Eldar Murtazin.We are pretty sure that it is fake. In fact, Nokia Belle needs a hardware menu button to access the multitasking screen, but this has fake written all over it, especially since Eldar claims that the information is legit. It looks a lot like Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 800. But, don’t be surprised if Nokia releases handset with the same unibody polycarbonate material and button-less design. Nokia has already launched Nokia Lumia 710 handset, which is super identical to the Belle OS powered Nokia 603 handset, inclding the physical buttons at the bottom side..

However, the source is suggesting that it will pack a 4-inches AMOLED ClearBlack Display with 640 X 360 pixels of resolution, powered by a single-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 12 megapixel camera with LED on the back side capable of capturing 1080p HD video footage, 512MB RAM to keep things running, NFC functionality, unique button less design.

Source: SmartPhoneGeeks, Eldar @ Twitter

2 thoughts on “Nokia 801 Belle Phone Image Leaked?”

  1. The design of Nokia 801T is cool I will give 10. the features.. (bt 3.0 and mobile tv … anything else… cpu is the same 680Mhz no improvements.. people wake up! many phones are using dual core cpu at least u can use cortex. RAM only 256Mb.. come on be serious.. and the same operating sistem.. symbian.. when i want to install something i need to sign it but with what ? no one will release u certificates to sign aplications… nokia is going down if they wont come with a total exchange.. sorry for my poor english.. so.. Design 9, features 8, and performance 4

  2. The Nokia 801T also has FM radio, which can identify what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information (if it’s connected to the wireless Web). The radio offers seven preset channels but keep in mind that you’ll need the included stereo headset to act as an antenna.


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