Nokia to Adopt Windows Phone 7 OS For its Smartphones

nokia microsoft

Nokia has a very good share of handsets in the mobile devices market, they create new innovative devices but their only problem is the Symbian OS. In the current scenario, Symbian’s competition with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android is void.

So taking this discrepancy of Symbian OS into consideration, Nokia is now planning to manufacture Windows Phone 7 handsets to be in this game of competition. The partnership was announced recently and the final Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices will be ready for users by the end of this year only.

There are other reports that Nokia will be able to customize everything on Windows Phone 7 though Nokia won’t make extensive changes to the OS. Nokia remain focused to maintain compatibility and usability instead of tweaking Windows Phone 7 OS. Well many are hoping for huge turns in the market when Nokia delivers its first WP7 device.

Some consider this strategic partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is good for the end users. Well the consumers will have a great chance to exploit the situation in the near future. Already Apple and Google have had taken a real big share in the smartphone space. With Nokia joining hands with Microsoft, we are expecting a real surge to Windows Phone world. Competition  between the three viz. Google vs Apple vs Nokia-Microsoft will lead to new innovations, pricing and will increase the choice of the consumers.

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