Nokia Catwalk Heading to T-Mobile? Nokia EOS (AT&T), and Laser (Verizon) also Tipped


A few days ago, at its Mobile World Congress event, the Finnish mobile maker has unveiled a couple of new Lumias – Nokia Lumia 520, and Nokia Lumia 720. The U.S. based T-Mobile has confirmed its plan to carry the Nokia Lumia 520 handset over its network with 4G HSPA+ connectivity, and Windows Phone 8 OS installed under the hood. It looks like those of the T-Mobile customers in the U.S. may get their chances to gab a high-end Lumia phone in the coming months.

We’ve been hearing about a total of three high-end Nokia phones – Nokia EOS, Nokia Catwalk, Nokia Laser, which were supposed to launched by the manufacturer at MWC event. A specific rumor going around has us some exciting news for the U.S. consumers.

According to a reliable source, T-Mobile will get a successor to the Nokia Lumia 920, and it is currently being referred with a code name called “Nokia Catwalk.” It is expected to be ship with an aluminum body (ditching the polycarbonate frame), carrying the lighter and thinner design than the Lumia 920 phone. Catwalk is rumored to be heading to T-Mobile this summer, and it will feature the same technical specifications and same internal hardware as that of the current Windows Phone flagship model.

The source has also reported about the exclusive Nokia phones for AT&T and Verizon networks. AT&T will get an exclusive Nokia EOS phone, which will have a “true” PureView camera, with a same 41-megapixel sensor found in Nokia 808 PureView Symbian phone. EOS will also break the tradition of using a polycarbonate body and switch to an aluminum frame.


On the other side, Verizon will get the new Nokia Laser, which is going to be introduced as a Lumia 920 for Verizon Wireless in the U.S. It is also known as Nokia Lumia 928. We’ve already reported that it will heading to Verizon as the carrier’s flagship product, and Microsoft will be offering a big marketing push to promote it. There’s no word yet on the exact ship dates for the aforementioned devices.

Source: The Verge

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