[Download[ Nokia City Lens 1.5 Beta For Windows Phone 7.x Available Now

Nokia City Lens

Windows Phone 7.x platform has received an exclusive Nokia app today. The Finnish mobile maker has released the beta version of its popular Nokia City Lens app for Windows Phone 7.x running handsets.  It is one of the Nokia’s exclusive apps for its Lumia Windows Phones and it is a augmented reality app, which provides information about the nearby hotels, shops, museums, restaurants, stores and places, and other notable locations in augmented reality style.

Users can also share Places with friends via SMS message, and there’ll be access information on each venue, such as directions, reviews and booking details.

Here’s the list of the features of the Nokia City Lens 1.5 beta app:

  • Sightline – De-clutter your surroundings. With the new Sightline feature in City Lens, you can narrow your view to just what’s in your direct line of sight, making it easier to spot great places that are right in front of you.
  • Freeze view – Browse more naturally. When scanning your surroundings in camera view, you can now freeze your view and study your options without having to keep your phone pointed at the target. Just tap and the screen “freezes,” letting you browse the scene more comfortably.
  • Quick info – Get the essentials in camera view. Tap a virtual sign once to view the place’s address overlaid on your display while you keep scanning. Then tap again to share, get directions, or view reviews, photos, and more.
  • Pin favorite categories to start – Your most common searches with a tap. City Lens now lets you pin favorite categories to your home screen. Now wherever you are, you can find something you love nearby with just a tap.
  • Create Live Tiles – What you want at a glance. With new Live Tile support, you can easily see when your favorite places are nearby. Just pin a favorite search to your home screen and right in the tile you’ll see your closest options without even having to launch the app.

If you’ve got a Windows Phone7.x running handset, you can pick up the Nokia City Lens Beta 1.5 app by hitting the link below.


Nokia City Lens App Screenshot

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

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