Nokia Launches ‘IM For Nokia’, Takes on RIM’s BBM and Apple’s iMessage

IM for NokiaIM for Nokia

Now you can send messages to your friends for free with the IM for Nokia. If you’ve got free WiFi access or a reasonable data plan, then instant messaging may well be a preferable option over an sms or a phone call.

IM for Nokia is an instant messenger program that allows you to send messages to anybody else who has the same app installed. The Im will also allow you to chat with an Ovi Chat account, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and MySpace IM.

The launch of the IM for Nokia comes after the launch of iMessage from Apple at WWDC 2011. But unlike this IM or iMessage, RIM had already placed the Blackberry Messenger(BBM). Now nokia is trying hard to take on BBM and iMessage.

IM for Nokia is available for Nokia X6, Nokia 5230, Nokia N8, Nokia E7, etc. IM for Nokia is currently available for download from Ovi Store, but will come pre-installed on new devices over the coming months. Now you can download IM for Nokia from Ovi Store, load the app in the applications menu of your Nokia phone and Add friends. You can also log into the other accounts such as Google Talk by selecting the appropriate account.

source: Nokia Blog

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