Nokia Lumia 610 Doesn’t Run Angry Birds, Tango, PES 2012; Low RAM Limitation is the reason

Nokia Lumia 610

The Finnish mobile maker has already pulled the Skype app for the Nokia Lumia 610 handset. The obvious reason is that the app is incompatible to run on the low RAM equipped Lumia 610 handset. It seems a popular gaming app is also going to join the incompatible apps list for this device. Yes, the low-end spec’d Nokia Lumia 610 is no longer able to download the and everyone’s favorite Angry Birds game from Windows Marketplace.

An 800MHz Qualcomm processor paired with 256MB of RAM powers the Lumia 610 handset. But, Angry Birds gaming app requires more RAM and specifically it doesn’t run on those handsets with just 256MB of RAM. Two more popular apps such as Tango video-calling app and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 are also not workable on the handset due to the same reason of the RAM requirements. Microsoft has already confirmed that some features won’t be functional for 256MB RAM equipped windows phones including Bing Local Scout, fast app switching, managing podcast subscriptions. You can’t watch any sort of video podcasts and you also won’t be able to upload the pics to SkyDrive automatically.

So, no Angry Birds for Lumia 610 means a BIG let down for windows phone users. We might hear some more unfortunate stories in case of the other popular apps’ incompatibility with the Lumia 610 because of the low-RAM limitations.

No Angry Birds For Nokia Lumia 610

Via: Engadget

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