Nokia Lumia 900 First Official Picture Just Leaked Online?

Nokia Lumia 900 First Official Picture?

One of the best news in the recent times about mobile world, Nokia is gearing up to launch the next Lumia Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900 and we must be seeing it to get officially announced at CES 2012 event along with Nokia Lumia 719 handset. A new picture of the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone has been surfaced on the web. The handset in the picture was painted in different colors including White and Yellow. Many tech blogs have been claiming that it is Nokia Lumia 800 pictured in a variety of colors. But, we doubt that it could be the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 handset.

By judging the picture carefully, we can conclude that it is indeed the Lumia 900. You can observe that the space for the touch-sensitive buttons is smaller to make the screen bigger. Lumia 800 is having a bigger space among the buttons at the bottom of the front side. Oh, yeah! There’s a front facing camera on the top left corner of the handset in this picture. We’re not sure that this is 100 percent to confirm that it could be the Nokia Lumia 900t hat we are expecting to see at CES event in early month.

Although we’re still waiting to confirm specs that have already been leaked, we are letting you know that Nokia Lumia 900 will be running Windows Phone Tango OS, having a 4.2-inch touchscreen display with 480 X 800 pixels of resolution, 1.4GHz single-core chipset, an improved 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a 4.2-inch display, a glossy polycarbonate body, 32GB of internal memory and all the regular features of a Windows Phone. It is also expected to be rolling out in 4G LTE variants either for AT&T or Verizon.

Loving the Nokia Lumia 900 in White color? BTW, a few days ago, we’ve also seen a leaked render image of the handset painted in red color, which is being rumored as Lumia 900.

Via: MyNokiaBlog

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