[Download] AT&T Nokia Lumia 900’s New Update Fixes Purple Screen Issue


The Nokia Lumia 900 handset has already been seeded fixes for battery life issues, audio problems and data connectivity issues via software updates. Now, the Finnish mobile maker begins pushing out another software update for the AT&T branded Nokia Lumia 900 handset. No, this update isn’t carrying Tango goodies. Lumia 900 users have been reporting about purple screens appearing when they turned the brightness down low on their handsets. The handset’s low-brightness settings aren’t working at all. In early, Nokia has promised to fix this issue.

As promised earlier, Nokia Lumia 900’s new software update will sort out the purple display that could appear on devices. Nokia has mentioned that the update is also carrying other enhancements.

Here’s the list of the changes that will happen after upgrading to latest software update:

  • # Fixes purple display issue – In short, when the screen would dim down to “low” greys would become purple across the whole display, including on graphics and photos

  • #
    Proximity sensor – minor adjustments to the sensitivity of the proximity sensor should make phone calls more pleasant when the user puts the phone to their face

  • #
    Others – We’re still getting details but there are also a multitude of other smaller fixes that will greatly enhance the user experience


The Lumia 900 owners can download the update by plugging the handset into your computer and launching Zune for Windows or Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. If the tool prompts about the new update, upgrade your handset by simply following the onscreen instructions.

Nokia has also announced that “we’ll be rolling out new updates and surprises in the near future to all Lumia 900 users, so stay tuned!”

Source: Nokia Conversations

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