Nokia Lumia 920 Hands on video–LOL Just for Laugh


When we have a look at the above picture, we can’t understand if the guys are joking or are fully ignorant but either ways, the Nokia Lumia 920 has inspired them to make such a parody tech video thereby giving more publicity to the Lumia 920.

In the parody video they engage in conversation talking “faked” video and photos as well as the additional innovative features present in the 920 which are not particularly useful. The spoof of the picture comparison are funny (the sad face in the iPhone vs the happy, sunglasses wearing one in the 920) as well as the obvious DSLR reflection in the mirror. When Nokia launched their Lumia 920 smartphone using faked videos and photos, it didn’t take long for their trickery to be exposed.

In this exclusive hands on preview (Just for Laugh), Nokia’s brand recovery specialists Lars show off the Lumia 920 and its deceptively good (and not particularly useful) features. The fact that they mentioned all the features of Nokia Lumia 920 and Apple’s iPhone 5 shows they actually recognize this as a fact and reason to hate the 920. The fake interview video shows about its features such as the Lumia 920’s camera, Super Sensitive screen that can be touched with fingernails/gloves, Optical image stabilization with floating lens that ACTUALLY does work (and makes iPhones and Droid cameras cry because their pictures actually do look bad whilst we can see a picture with the 920), wireless charging which makes it just that slightly bit more convenient to just place our phone on a surface to charge and City Lens app, but present it in a rather funny way. It’s definitely worth checking out.

You can Watch the Video Here:

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