Nokia Lumia 920 Pricing ($149) Appeared at Best Buy Store

Nokia Lumia 920 Pricing ($149) Appeared at Best Buy Store

We mentioned before that Finnish mobile maker (via Nokia mobile site) confirmed the pricing of the Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T as $149.99, but there is no official word from the carrier or manufacturer yet. We’ve got another confirmation on price for the Lumia 920, thanks to the folks at WPCentral for revealing the image of the Best Buy ad. The above image is showing the Nokia Lumia 920 advertised as $149.99 with new two-year contract activation through AT&T. The off contract $599.99 price tag also seems to have remained the same.

The source also mentioned that the demo units of the device haven’t yet reached the Best Buy store in Naples, Florida and there is no word when the handset will be available to purchase. From what we’ve heard so far, the 920 could hit the stores on November 9th. Acceding to the reports, the Lumia 920 will also ship with the wireless charge pad (free). AT&T will charge $99 (on contract) for the HTC Windows Phone 8X handset.

Windows Phone 8 OS running Nokia Lumia 920 packs a 4.5” PureMotoin HD+ display (can operate with glove on your hands), dual-core processor, an 8MP camera with PureView technology and more. Here are the full specifications.

Source: WPCentral

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