Nokia MeeGo tablet leaked out? Nokia N9 not coming

Nokia MeeGo Tablet Leaked

Can the above image is really showing the Nokia tablet, which is running the long-awaited MeeGo OS. Folks over MobileReviews have uploaded the leaked images of the over their forums. The device has snapped in darkness and we can say that its bezel positively looking very narrow and it is resembling the Dell Streak tablet. The above image seems to expose a slate/tablet-like device, which has ‘Nokia’ logo at center of the body in landscape angle, like N97 and N900 having the logo off-center and the above device is having much thinner bezel than the N900. In the above image, the device is about play video

On the top left corner, the device is showing aeroplane mode. So we are not sure this the prototype product and it seems it is having 4.5-inch display and might be an internal test device. But maybe a n900 successor? This tablet isn’t supported by any leaked specs yet. We’ve to see if this thing will be unveiled at next month’s Mobile World Congress show. More info as we get.

A shocking news for you, Eldar Murtazin said on his his Twitter account that Nokia N9 has been scrapped and Nokia chose to develop another device instead.

Nokia N9 Cancelled

Nokia MeeGo Tablet Leaked

Nokia MeeGo Tablet Leaked

[Source: MobileReview][via: @chilco(Twitter)]

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