Nokia And Microsoft Will Unveil Windows Phone 8 Lumias On September 5th

Nokia Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone Event Invite

We’ve been hearing rumores that Nokia is planning to launch its Windows Phone 8 Lumias at Nokia World event on September 5th. Microsoft is also rumored to show off the extended features of the Windows Phone 8 OS at the same event. Finally, Nokia and Microsoft have begun sending out the invites for an event in New York on Sep. 5th. You can also see the “Nokia Lumia” branding on the invitation.

According to some reliable sources, Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will be available to purchase in time for holidays or by the end of this year. The Cupertino company is also gearing up to announce the next version of the Apple iPhone on September 12th and it might hit the stores by the end of next month.

A few days ago, we’ve seen a leaked purported Windows Phone 8 prototype of Nokia and the same device is also rumored to launch as Nokia Phi at Finn’s event next month. Phi is expected to feature dual-core SoC, 4G LTE capability, NFC radio, as well as microSD card slot (first for Windows Phone OS platform) for memory expansion up to 32GB.

Samsung is also manufacturing a couple of windows phone 8 devices called “Odyssey” and “Macro.” Odyssey comes with 4.65″ HD AMOLED display, LTE radio inside, 21HSPA+ capability, NFC, 8MP camera, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, while Macro is going to be mid-range spec’d device..

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