[Download] Nokia Music, Nokia Maps XAP Files For Windows Phones Available Now

Nokia Music App HackedNokia Maps

The Finnish mobile maker has recently launched the new Lumia Windows Phones , the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710. Both these device will be shipping a set of the preinstalled apps exclusively, including Nokia Drive and Nokia Music. Both the Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps apps have been already hacked and ported to other Windows Phones. Now the developers have successfully hacked Nokia Music app and ported it to HTC Mozart Windows Phone.

Nokia Music app will allow you to see when your favorite band is playing and you can go on purchase tickets and see directions to the venue. It brings a new feature called Gigfinder. which will list the live performances in your locality. You can also share and comment on the gigs on social networks and to purchase the tickets from the handset.

Recently, XDA Developers have managed to port the Nokia Maps XAP file to other Windows Phone and uploaded it online to download.

The developers have also pirated the Nokia Drive XAP file. The new Nokia Drive app is also now available for non-Nokia Windows Phones. This app is full-fledged offline navigational system with free voice guidance, satellite and night views. You can download the maps country by country or region by region for offline usage. Yes, it doesn’t need Internet connection like Google Maps.

The Nokia Music XAP file has also been made available for anyone to install it on unlocked Windows Phones. You can download both the Nokia Music XAP and Nokia Maps XAP files from the links provided here at below.

Download Links:





Source: WMPoweruser (Nokia Drive), XDA Developers (Nokia Maps), Smartphone Gurus (Nokia Music)

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  1. I like ta new Nokia, I wan it n I’m gonna try 2 get it.dat would be my Christmas present 2 myself. I already Owen a HTC Liberty phone n iPhone. But I née a change.so by ta new year I will be changing my phones. Awesome phone. I really like it!!!!!!!!!!!


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