Nokia N8 Firmware Update To Bring 30FPS And Continuous Auto Focus Features To Its Camera

Nokia N8 Camera Update

The Nokia N8, Nokia’s flagship Symbian^3 device is very popular for its 12 megapixel camera that captures quality snaps and videos. Looks like the already-awesome camera of Nokia N8 is going to get few more features.

Nokia N8 Cam 30fps update tweet

Nokia camera guru Damien Dinning has unofficially revealed on Twitter that the Nokia N8 users will soon get a ‘N8 specific’ firmware update which will add 30FPS video along with additional continuous autofocus. The Nokia N8 currently features a 12MP camera with Xenon flash that supports recording 720p HD video at 25 frames per second (FPS). With aforementioned update, the camera can get a bump in the frame rates at which it records the vide. The new 30 frames per second recording capability will ensure more smoother videos compared to videos recorded at 24 fps that appear a bit pixelated. And we can see that all the smartphones coming these days have support for 30 fps video in their cameras.

The second camera feature update ‘continuous autofocus’ allows the videos to be in focus always even when the subject or subjects move closer or way from the camera’s focus point. This feature is already available in Nokia N8 via an app available on the Nokia Store (earlier Ovi Stote). It should also be noted that the 30 fps capability for the camera is also available via some hacks released earlier. However it is always nice to get the features officially through an update.

[Source: Twitter] [Via: MyNokia]

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