Nokia N9 RM-680 Device Likely To Be Announced at the MeeGo Conference This Month

Nokia N9

There is a high possibility of the Nokia N9/950 RM-680 MeeGo device launching at the MeeGo conference from May 23 to 25. Nokia has already acquired the mandatory FCC approvals on May 3.

Though the images and details of the device have been kept confidential by FCC for 45 days as per the request of Nokia Corporation, the vague layout of the phone can be seen in the FCC approval documents.

Nokia N9 MeeGo

The 45 days confidential timeline makes us fully believe that the device is going pubic soon for sure. It happens to be that the MeeGo conference is also scheduled during this timeline. Either coincidence or by luck, we can assume that the device will be public during the conference as this will be that best timing for Nokia too.

MeeGo conference 2011

There are speculation that though the device details will be public, it may not be launched for public market. The device may be available for developers of MeeGo which will be thoroughly tested for public use.

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