Nokia N9 with 1.2GHz Intel CPU & MeeGo OS to Introduce at MWC 2011?

Nokia N9 To Introduces At MWC 2011

Nokia N9, surely the next big to be of the of the Nokia phones after Nokia N8. According to well trusted information of Finnish technology magazine Pressori, Nokia N9 with Intel chipset and MeeGo might be introduced during the MWC show in Barcelona in next month. If the source might turn true, Nokia N9 will be the fastest Nokia device, packing with a 1.2GHz application processor for the first time and the chipset would be Intel Atom. Nokia N9 might be the first device with LTE connectivity on the board.

As we already know that Nokia N9 will be running with the new MeeGo, which is Linux-based open source OS under the hood. Both Nokia and Intel have have first announced MeeGo OS in last year’s MWC show in a joint press conference. Nokia N9 is alleged to have the same 12 Megapixels camera as the Nokia N8. And yah, you can see i the above image, Nokia N9 is having a full-fledged QWERTY-slider keyboard with big and spacious keys.

Let’s wait and see if the Nokia N9 would help out Nokia to come out of its worse situations and Nokia is already faded into the dark and it has to do something Big in the coming days.

[Source: prosessori(Finnish)]

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