Could Nokia Phi WP8 Phone Be There At Nokia World? LTE, NFC, Dual-Core CPU In Tow

Nokia Phi WP8 Proto Leak

We already heard rumors that Finns are getting ready to launch their first ever Windows Phone 8 handsets at the upcoming Nokia World event in early September. According to some reliable sources, Nokia’s first run of Windows Phone 8 handsets will be available to buy in retail markets for the holiday season. In fact, Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 8 operating system along with the Surface tablet on October 26th. So, there are chances that Nokia WP8 devices will hit the shelves at the same time.

A couple of months ago, a purported Nokia windows phone 8 handsets was spotted in benchmark results, called Nokia Phi (which is just a code name for now) and looks like the like existing Lumia models. Nokia Innovations, a site pretty well connected with Sprint’s insiders, claims to have received word that the same Nokia Phi will be unveiled during the Nokia World event on September 5th. The phone with odd coloring in the image you are seeing is said to be a Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 prototype, Phi. According to the source, the Nokia Phi will be thicker, bigger and heavier than the Nokia Lumia 800 and it is expected to feature polycarbonate unibody design and the same dimensions of the Nokia Lumia 900.

It seems Nokia Phi will be available on the U.S. carrier as well, as the phone has included the 4G LTE radio, NFC functionality and a microSD card slot for memory expansion support and dual-core processor under the hood. We’ve no word on the other specifications of the phone.

Of course for now, this is still an unconfirmed rumor, so take it with a grain of salt, but we’ll be here to report on any new details surrounding first Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset as they emerge. Stay tuned to Gadgetian.

Source: Nokia Innovations

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