Nokia May Consider Selling Phone Unit To Microsoft? [Rumors]

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It has just been few months since the Nokia-Microsoft Windows Phone deal was announced. The announcement didn’t go well with many as expected, but who knows? Nokia might pull up their socks to create a wonderful a Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 to answer the critics. While we can’t comment about the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 7 unless we see it, there have been few fresh rounds of rumors suggesting that Nokia may consider the sale of phone unit to Microsoft. If it had come from anyone else, we wouldn’t even considered it. But hearing it straight from the person who was the first to broke the Nokia – Microsoft deal well before months and from someone who has had a proven track record about revealing such deals with his vast inside information, we don’t usually tend to trash it.

We’re talking about Eldar Murtazin, editor of Today he posted a new blog post saying Nokia would start the negotiations about the sale of the company’s phone unit to Microsoft in the next week. He also says that the deal may close by the end of this year as both the companies are in a hurry.

If the rumors, by any chance turn out to be true, Microsoft will be the huge gainer, since once it could get a chance to directly combat with other popular mobile phone manufacturer’s like Apple and RIM. Nokia, founded as a paper company in 1865 has come a long way to become the world’s number uno mobile phone manufacturer, and it would be a really difficult for the people even like to me to take the news, if indeed it’s going to sell the phone unit at some time to Microsoft. Earlier today Nokia also announced the death of Ovi branding, rebranding it as Nokia Services. Microsoft, on the other hand is actually looking for an opportunity like this. Remember it was just last week that we heard the Microsoft’s $8.45 billion deal to buy Skype.

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