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Nook Tablet Rooted

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook Tablet has been grabbing all of the headlines following its announcement, beating the cheaper $199.99 Amazon Kindle Fire in most of the specs areas. Nooki Color Tablet has also been on sale for $249.99. Many users of the Nook Tablet want to root it for sure. Well, this shouldn’t be a big surprise for you. The heavily-skinned Gingerbread powered Nook Tablet has got the root access now. Folks over the XDA Forums have brought the permanent root access for the Nook Tablet. The developers haven’t unlocked the slab’s bootloader just yet and Custom ROMs also not available at the moment. By rooting your Nook Tablet, you can get access to the Android Market and you can also do other funny things.

Over at XDA-Developers forums, a member called Indirect has uploaded a batch file for Windows users to help automate the rooting process of the Nook Tablet. The poster has also tested the proven zergRush method on the Nook Tablet. You can go through the couple of options for the root procedure including  some handy executable files, or another method. Download the required flies from below links and follow through the step-by-step instructions at the source link below to root your Nook Tablet.

Download Links

USB Drivers: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15069134/usbdrivers.zip

Download an app to pull up USB Debugging Menu



Nook Tablet Rooting

Source: XDA-Forums

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