Nothing Phone (2) gets Glyph composer; Design Teased

Nothing Phone (2) gets Glyph composer

There has been a noticeable absence of details concerning the impending premiere of Nothing (2) headsets, slated for release on the 11th of July. Nevertheless, in an unforeseen development, the company has recently unveiled a partnership with Swedish House Mafia, a renowned Swedish group specializing in house music, who have meticulously curated an exceptional Glyph Sound Pack exclusively designed for Nothing Phone (2).

In addition, the phone will be equipped with an innovative Glyph Composer, empowering users to personalize and remix the bespoke sounds crafted by Swedish House Mafia. By simply tapping the pads, one can activate a diverse array of light and sound combinations, granting the freedom to compose a unique Glyph Ringtone. This exciting feature allows for a truly immersive and interactive audio experience, as declared by the company.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the phone showcases an alteration in the arrangement of the glyph LED lights on its rear. However, contrary to the renders that circulated earlier, the device does not feature curved sides, but they are unsurprisingly, flat. Additionally, the company has reaffirmed the presence of a centered punch-hole display, a detail previously hinted at by Carl Pei in a screenshot.

As observed in the video, the Nothing Phone (2) indeed features a non-curved screen, aligning with the previous speculation that it would maintain an iPhone-inspired design similar to its predecessor, which also lacks a curved screen. Furthermore, the rear of the phone showcases two cameras, mirroring the configuration of its predecessor.

On the whole, the Nothing Phone (2) appears to bear a striking resemblance to a larger iteration of its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (1), with minimal alterations in design and button placements.

The company has officially confirmed that the Nothing Phone (2) will be powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC and will feature a 4700mAh battery, slightly larger than the 4500mAh battery found in the Phone (1).

Although Nothing briefly introduced Phone 1 in the US, the availability was highly limited and not through conventional distribution channels, as it was offered exclusively to Beta Membership program participants. Consequently, the announcement of an official release for the Phone 2 brings positive news. However, details regarding its pricing remain undisclosed. While speculations have emerged, suggesting a potentially elevated cost of around €729, the exact price range for this forthcoming device remains uncertain and subject to speculation.

Pre-orders for the device will kick off on June 29 in India. As the launch date approaches, it is expected that more comprehensive information regarding the specifications and features of the Nothing Phone (2) will be unveiled.



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