[Download] Notifications App Lands on the Windows Phone Store

Notifications App for Windows Phone

Microsoft was supposed to introduce the Notifications hub with its recent version of the Windows Phone 8 OS. But, unfortunately, they ran out of time to do so. Of course, the apps with live tile support allows you to build your own Notification center on the homescreen of the handset, but not all the apps are having live tile support and do not provide notifications via tiles. So, if you are looking for a notification center from a third party app maker, Windows Phone Hacker has got a nice gift you.

Windows Phone Hacker has finally released the Notification Centre app in the Windows Phone Store. WPH uses its online server component and its app gathers all the notifications from various apps sent to the phone. Users are required to configure this app with a desktop executable. That means, to complete the app’s installation on your Windows Phone, you must have a companion program, Notification Center, running on your PC.Notifications App for Windows Phone

Please keep in mind this app is compatible with Windows Phone 7.x OS running handsets only. Its full version costs $299 and you can try it for free.

Download the Notification Center app for Windows Phone from here and follow the instructions below:

# Install Notification Center on the phone
# Run Notification Server on your PC (download it from here)
# Connect your phone to your computer, and sync it with Zune
# Restart the phone, without disconnecting
# Run Notification Center
# That’s it. Notifications app on your Windows Phone should be operational now.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker, Windows Phone Store

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