NVIDIA Introduces The New Tegra 4 Processor with 72 GPU Cores, and 4G LTE [CES 2013]


NVIDIA kicks off the CES 2013 event with a bang in Las Vegas city. The company has officially introduced the NVIDIA Tegra 4 Processor for mobile devices and it is being claimed the world’s fastest mobile processor up to date.

This show has become the first important Android-related press conference of CES 2013 event. Tegra 4 uses four ARM Cortex-A15 cores, along with a fifth generation battery saver core, and 4-PLUS-1 architecture, which is similar to Tegra 3. This new SoC offers 72 GeForce GPU cores with 4K video playback support (which is first for a mobile processor) and Nvidia says it will be 6x more powerful than the GPU on yesteryear’s Tegra 3 CPU and it will be able to run and games much faster.

Tegra 4 comes with 28nm manufacturing process, supporting PRISM 2 technology for less power used by the backlight, bringing 45% better power management and lower heat compared to the Tegra 3. The new Tegra 4’s LTE capability will be offered through an optional chipset, the Icera i500, which is being referred as a separate modem called NVIDIA i500 Soft Modem. That means it doesn’t comes with a built-in LTE modem. The manufacturer claims that it is 40% smaller than the other traditional baseband chips and supports up to 1.4 trillion operations per second.


NVIDIA Tegra 4 Computational Photography Engine

Tegra 4 includes a new technology called “Computational Photography Engine,” which helps to produce an HDR-quality photos instantly, reducing the time duration by 10x for camera related functionalities between multiple shots. It lets you to take faster HDR images and videos, HDR panorama, strobe motion, as well as 3D reconstruction, and subject tracking. NVIDIA also claims that the latest gen Tegra 4 chip provides up to 14 hours of HD video playback on smartphones, by consuming up to 45 percent less power than Tegra 3 CPU. That’s impressive. If you are wondering about speed differences, Tegra 4 CPU powered device will be able to load (25 web pages over a local network) in just 27 seconds, while Samsung-made Google Nexus 4 tablet (which is currently the most powerful Android tablet) takes 50 seconds to load. NVIDIA also claims that web browsing is even faster than the HTC Droid DNA, Apple iPad 4, and Kindle Fire HD devices.

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There is no word on which new device will be powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 CPUs and when either of them will hit the shelves.

Source: NVIDIA

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