OnePlus 11 Concept phone teaser shows blue light strips on the back


Earlier this month, the global variant of the OnePlus 11 was officially launched for the international markets. During this event, the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed that the OnePlus 11 Concept phone will be gracing on the stage at MWC in Barcelona, which traditionally takes place between February 27 and March 2.

While we are waiting for the event to begin, the manufacturer shed some light on its upcoming OnePlus 11 Concept phone by releasing a teaser video. A 17-second teaser showcased the back side of the phone. As per the video, the OnePlus 11 Concept phone has a huge camera island on the back. It also has blue colored light-up LED strips covering the entire back of the phone, including the camera island as well.

OnePlus has described these light strips as “blood vessels” that run throughout the entire back of the phone, and issued the following statement

The images show the engineering breakthroughs of the OnePlus 11 Concept by highlighting the icy blue pipelines which run through the entire back of the phone, almost like OnePlus 11 Concept has its own series of blood vessels. OnePlus 11 Concept’s pipelines are housed inside a bold and futuristic unibody glass design inspired by the calm stillness and vast power of a glacial lake.

The big question is whether these LED strips function similarly to the Nothing Phone 1 or not. To recall, the brand has introduced the OnePlus 8T Concept in 2021 with a color-changing back that goes from gray to blue to black by changing the valence state of the metal ions. It also had mmWave radar system, which can transmit and receive electromagnetic waves.

The OnePlus 11 Concept is said to feature an “imaginative design with industry-first technology.” Specs are yet to be revealed, but we can expect it will carry similar specifications as that of the latest flagship OnePlus 11 phone.

As of the moment, we also don’t know how much will this concept of a phone would cost and when it will arrive for sale. What do you all think of this teaser? Is it everything that you want from a OnePlus 11 Concept phone?

Via: TheVerge

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