OnePlus Fold Specifications Leaked: 7.8″ 2K 120Hz AMOLED, SD 8 Gen 2

OnePlus is anticipated to release its inaugural foldable smartphone shortly. It is expected that the company will unveil the OnePlus Fold sometime in August. The precise launch date for their first foldable device has not been officially confirmed by OnePlus. The smartphone, referred to as the OnePlus V Fold, is set to debut with cutting-edge hardware components.

Recently, leaked design renders of the foldable phone surfaced, providing a glimpse into its aesthetics. Today, the team at MySmartPrice has managed to compile a comprehensive list of the key specifications and features that the upcoming OnePlus foldable phone will offer.

OnePlus Fold Rumored Features

According to the leaked information, the OnePlus Fold is expected to boast top-of-the-line hardware components. The device will likely be launched within the coming months. Sources have disclosed that the OnePlus foldable phone will showcase a substantial 7.8-inch foldable AMOLED display, delivering a 2K resolution for an enhanced visual experience.

As anticipated, the screen will offer a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz, ensuring fluid and responsive touch interactions. Additionally, the device will feature a secondary 6.3-inch AMOLED display on the exterior, also equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing users to conveniently access notifications and perform quick tasks without unfolding the device.

The OnePlus foldable phone will house the latest flagship System-on-Chip (SoC) from Qualcomm, namely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, delivering powerful performance and efficiency. The device is expected to be equipped with a generous 16GB of RAM and offer ample storage capacity of 256GB, ensuring smooth multitasking and abundant space for storing apps, files, and media.

To support extended usage, the device will be powered by a substantial 4800mAh battery, providing sufficient battery life for a day’s usage. In terms of charging capabilities, while the flagship OnePlus 11 boasts 100W charging support, the OnePlus foldable phone will come with 67W charging support out-of-the-box, enabling faster charging speeds for efficient power replenishment.

The OnePlus foldable phone is expected to sport a triple-camera setup on the rear. As per insider information, the device will house a 48MP primary camera sensor, providing high-resolution imaging capabilities. Alongside it, there will be a 48MP ultra-wide camera, allowing users to capture wider scenes with a larger field of view. Additionally, the device will feature a 64MP telephoto camera sensor, which is likely to enable enhanced zoom capabilities.

However, specific details regarding the optical zoom functionality have not been confirmed at this time. Overall, with this triple-camera configuration, users can anticipate a range of photography options and flexibility to capture diverse subjects and scenes.

For capturing selfies, the cover screen of the OnePlus foldable phone is expected to incorporate a 32MP front camera. This high-resolution camera will enable users to capture detailed and vibrant self-portraits. Furthermore, the device will also feature a secondary 20MP front camera on the inside of the foldable phone. This additional front camera will allow users to capture selfies even when the device is unfolded, offering a wider range of shooting options and angles. 

As depicted in the design renders, the OnePlus foldable phone showcases a circular camera module, adding a distinct aesthetic to its design. The text on the camera module indicates that the device will feature Hasselblad-tuned cameras, suggesting a collaboration between OnePlus and the renowned camera manufacturer to enhance the device’s imaging capabilities.

In terms of the display design, both the outer display and the foldable display incorporate hole-punch cutouts for the front-facing cameras. The outer display’s cutout is positioned at the center, while the foldable display’s cutout is located at the top left corner. This placement ensures minimal interference with the screen content and allows for an immersive viewing experience on both displays. The hole-punch design enables a larger screen-to-body ratio and maintains a modern aesthetic while accommodating the front cameras for selfies and video calls.



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