OnePlus Pad Gets OxygenOS Update with Cellular Data Sharing and June 2023 Patch

With a striking resemblance to the iPad Pro and an affordable price point similar to the entry-level iPad 10, the OnePlus Pad, the newest addition to the Android tablet market, made its debut in late April with a high refresh rate display, fast charging capability, and quality accessories.

After a period of anticipation, the much-awaited updates for the OnePlus Pad have finally arrived. Following its initial firmware update two weeks ago, the tablet has now received a new software update.

This update brings several enhancements, resolves various issues, and introduces a notable feature: the inclusion of cellular data sharing. With these updates, users can expect an improved and more seamless experience with their OnePlus Pad, further enhancing its functionality and addressing any existing concerns.

OnePlus has initiated the gradual release of OxygenOS (EX01) for the OnePlus Pad. While the update will initially be available to a limited number of users today, the company has assured that a wider rollout will commence in a few days. This latest update brings several enhancements and improvements to the OnePlus Pad. Let’s delve into the key improvements offered by this update, showcasing how it will enhance the user experience and functionality of the device.

The latest update for the OnePlus Pad includes several noteworthy improvements:

  • Addition of a new feature that enables the tablet to utilize a phone’s communication function, granting access to a 5G network, call-making and answering capabilities, as well as SMS messaging (excluding European models). This feature facilitates seamless cellular data sharing between OnePlus smartphones and the tablet, expanding its connectivity options.

  • Integration of the June 2023 Android security patch, bolstering the system’s security measures.

  • Resolution of various known bugs, such as fixing an issue that caused videos to display in black and white under certain circumstances.

  • Fixing of issues that occurred when an external keyboard was connected to the tablet.

  • Rectification of issues affecting the functionality of the Photos app.

  • General improvements to the stability of the OnePlus Pad, enhancing its overall performance and reliability.




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