Opera Mini 6 Available For iPhone And iPad [Download]

Opera Mini which became a huge hit with the iPhone earlier (it was launched in August 2010 and saw a record 1 million downloads on the first day!) is now ready with a new version Opera Mini 6 for the iPhone and iPad. If you are not entirely happy with the Apple’s default Safari browser and want to enhance your browsing experience, you must try the new Opera Mini 6. Opera 6 was initially made available for Android but it got delayed as it was to get the app store approval from Apple. Opera Mini 6 will bring a slew of new features for the iPhone and iPad.

Opera Mini 6 logo

Opera Mini 6 is coming with a new design, look and feel with improved pinch-to-zoom and panning. It is designed to make the best out of the iPhone 4’s retinal display and supports iPad and iPad 2. The browser also made it easier for the users to share the webpage that they are on to Facebook, Twitter, My Opera and vKontakte  by adding a new “Share” option built-in to the browser. Most of the iPhone and iPad users are bound to their carriers limited data plans. Keeping this in mind, Opera adopted a proxy technology – when you request any webpage, the request is sent to the Opera servers and the webpage is then compressed and then sent back to the browser, thus saving your much needed bandwidth. Watch the video after the break to know more about the Opera Mini v6 for iPhone / iPad.


Head over to this iTunes page (hit the link) to download the Opera Mini 6 web browser (Download file size: 3.4 MB) app for free.

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