Opera Mobile Coming to Android

Opera Mobile for Andoid

Opera confirmed that they are going to release a beta version of Opera Mobile for Android phones within the next month and it is in developing level at present. The first Opera Mobile beta for Android will be featuring two exclusive features such as Pinch to Zoom capability and Hardware Acceleration.

Pinch to zoom enable us full control of the zoom level. Text redraws almost instantly at all zoom levels, so text will always look sharp and easy to read.

Hardware Acceleration enables Opera to run at lightning speed. Zooming, panning, navigating a page will be faster than ever, by taking full advantage of the GPU power available on your phone. Hardware acceleration allows us to do amazing things like pinch to zoom for all sites.

Opera also said that Opera Mini for iPhone will receive an updated version this year featuring both pinch to zoom and hardware acceleration.

Opera has clarified that the first Opera Mobile beta for Android will have pinch-to-zoom and will arrive some time over the next month, but won’t be getting hardware acceleration with it.

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