Oppo Find X6 Pro picks up the ColorOS 13.1 update

Great news for Oppo Find X6 Pro users in China! Oppo has just announced the release of the much-anticipated ColorOS 13.1 update, and it’s now available for download. Towards the end of last month, the manufacturer introduced the device to the Chinese market. The update is currently being rolled out, so if you’re an Oppo Find X6 Pro user, make sure to check for the update notification on your device.

The ColorOS 13.1 update for the Oppo Find X6 Pro in China is identified by version number PGEM10_13.1.0.122 (CN01), and it has a file size of 185.45MB. Make sure that you have enough storage space on your device before downloading and installing the update to avoid any issues during the process.

In addition to the system optimizations, the ColorOS 13.1 update for Oppo Find X6 Pro also includes upgrades to the camera system. The camera now supports AI Portrait HDR+ mode, which can intelligently identify the subject and optimize the exposure for a more natural and vivid portrait shot.

Moreover, the update brings a new feature called Dual-view Video, which allows users to record videos simultaneously using both front and back cameras. This is particularly useful for vloggers and content creators who want to capture their reactions while filming a scene.

The ColorOS 13.1 update also includes improvements to the system security, with the addition of the Android Security Patch for the month of March 2023. This ensures that the device is protected from any potential security vulnerabilities and keeps user data safe.

The ColorOS 13.1 update for the Oppo Find X6 Pro in China is not just about the system and communication improvements, but it also brings various optimizations to the camera system. One of the most significant upgrades is the improvement in sharpness effect at mid-to-long focal lengths, which allows users to take clearer and sharper photos.

Furthermore, the update enhances the preview experience when taking photos in low-light conditions. Users can now expect better-quality photos when capturing night scenes.

Another major improvement is the resolution of the issue related to color synthesis and color jumping in some scenes when switching cameras. This ensures that users can now switch cameras seamlessly without any interruptions or abnormal display.

Finally, the update has fixed the problem of abnormal display of Hasselblad customized watermarks in some modes, ensuring that users can enjoy a consistent and reliable experience while using their device.

Here are the official changelogs for the Oppo Find X6 Pro’s ColorOS 13.1 update:


  • Improved system stability
  • Optimized the ColorOS ubiquitous service experience
  • Optimized the startup speed of ProXDR display communication


  • Improved mobile network compatibility
  • Improved Bluetooth connection stability and compatibility
  • Improved WLAN connection stability and compatibility
  • Fixed the problem that some Bluetooth car keys cannot open the door


  • Optimized the sharpness effect of mid-to-long focal length
  • Optimized the preview experience when taking night scene photos
  • Fixed the problem of synthesizing some scenes with a billion colors
  • Fixed the problem of color jumping in some scenes when switching cameras
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal display of Hasselblad customized watermarks in some modes.

Overall, the ColorOS 13.1 update brings significant improvements to the camera system, making it more powerful and user-friendly. These optimizations are designed to enhance the user experience and make photography more enjoyable and satisfying.

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