Oppo Find X6 Series Getting New Software Update with Camera Improvements

Although the Oppo Find X6 Pro is currently only available in China, it’s definitely a smartphone that’s worth keeping an eye on. With its large camera module and distinctive two-tone back finish, it’s a true zoom king that many people would be eager to get their hands on. The phone’s camera system is truly exceptional with its 1-inch outsole sensor, which sets it apart from other flagship phones. DxOMark, a popular camera benchmarking website, has ranked it as the best mobile phone camera in the world currently.

The latest models of the product line are not intended to be launched in international markets, marking a departure from the previous versions. As a result, if you have already purchased or intend to purchase one through importation, be sure to download and install the newly released software update for these devices.

The latest software update for the Oppo Find X6 series may not be large in size, but it brings significant optimizations and upgrades, particularly for the camera system. It is highly recommended for users who have already imported or planning to import the device to download and install this update to improve their overall user experience.

The newest firmware version for the Oppo Find X6 series, labeled as PGEM10_13.1.0.123 (CN01), is now available for download. Despite its small size of 280.74MB, this software update brings significant improvements and enhancements, particularly for the camera functionalities.

The official changelog for the Oppo Find X6 series software update indicates that it brings several camera optimizations, including improvements to the telephoto camera, night mode, and overall camera stability. Additionally, the update optimizes skin tone for portrait photography, reduces power consumption during video recording, and improves high-magnification video shooting.

Additionally, the new firmware update for the Oppo Find X6 and Oppo Find X6 Pro introduces a permanent 2x option after certain modes and a 2x portrait option. Furthermore, a Hasselblad color scheme update for the shutter button is also included in this update, which should enhance the overall user experience.

The firmware update not only focuses on camera improvements but also brings several optimizations and upgrades to the overall system. It improves mobile network compatibility, NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi, which are essential features of a modern smartphone. The update also includes improvements for system stability and increases the security patch level to April 2023. Furthermore, the update brings optimizations for Dolby sound effects, PC Connect, casting, and video calls in third-party apps, providing an overall better user experience.


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