Nothing’s ‘Particles by XO’ TWS Earbuds passed Korean NRRA Certification

Particles by XO
Particles by XO, Image Credit: 91mobiles

In December of last year, there were numerous reports circulating within the tech community that Nothing, a renowned consumer electronics brand, was purportedly developing a new sub-brand known as ‘Particles by XO‘. The brand’s name had reportedly been listed as the manufacturer in firmware documentation, sparking further speculation among industry insiders. Leaked renders of the upcoming TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones were also circulated, further fueling rumors of an imminent launch.

Earlier this month, the aforementioned audio device was spotted on the Bluetooth SIG certification website, adding further credence to the rumors of an upcoming release. Now, it appears that the ‘Particles by XO’ earphones have been listed on the Korean NRRA certification website, which also provides a glimpse into the design of the earphones.

According to the NRRA certification listing, the upcoming ‘Particles by XO’ TWS earphones will bear the model number B154 and will be manufactured by Nothing Technology Limited. The listing also includes images of the earbuds, which match the design that had previously been leaked to the public. The earphones boast a unique peanut-shaped design, which bears a slight resemblance to Sony LinkBuds, but with a distinctive minimalist aesthetic.

The earbuds feature an L-shaped form factor, which is a departure from the traditional straight form factor that is commonly found in most TWS earphones currently on the market. This design choice may offer improved ergonomics and a more secure fit for users during physical activities.

Overall, the design of the ‘Particles by XO’ earbuds appears to be sleek, modern, and eye-catching, making them stand out from other TWS earphones currently available in the market. While the NRRA certification listing does not reveal any additional details about the audio device, the unique design of the earbuds is sure to pique the interest of audiophiles and tech enthusiasts alike.

In addition to the NRRA certification listing, the ‘Particles by XO’ TWS earphones have also been spotted on the Bluetooth SIG certification website, which provides further details about the audio device. According to the certification, the earphones will support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, which promises faster and more stable wireless connections, improved battery life, and enhanced audio quality.

The certification also indicates that the earphones will come pre-loaded with firmware version, which is likely to offer bug fixes and improvements to the device’s overall performance.

Furthermore, a previous report had revealed that the firmware from Nothing’s servers included references to the ‘Particles by XO’ earphones featuring active noise cancellation and low latency high-definition audio codec (LHDAC). These features, if included, would make the earphones competitive with other high-end TWS earphones currently available in the market.

We can expect to learn more about the features and capabilities of the earphones as their launch date draws nearer. It is worth noting that while ‘Particles by XO’ has been generating a lot of buzz in the tech community, Nothing has already launched a new pair of TWS earphones called the Ear (2). These earphones feature the same transparent design as their predecessor, the Ear (1), but with several incremental upgrades.



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