PayPal Comes to Windows Phone 8 – A Good news for people who hate Cash


Here’s one good news for the Windows Phone 8 mobile user that PayPal has joined the Windows Phone family, its application made it to the Windows platform. The free application lets us send and request money, check our account balance, withdraw amounts and even we can scan our past transactions. We can also pay for items, provided that the store we are visiting has PayPal Here service up and running. PayPal’s arrival, while a single step forward, does help to close the application gap that Windows Phone has long suffered when compared to the rival iOS and Android platforms.


Windows phone will soon undergo a refresh with its upcoming Windows 8 version, long codenamed ‘Apollo.’ Moving to a new firmware core, the code will not function on all handsets sold before its release. Windows Phone 8 is based on the Windows NY kernel, which is much in common with Windows 8. That fact will lead to streamlined cross-platform development work, which could encourage development for Windows Phone in aggregate. The expected release date for this update is late October 2012

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