Pixel 7a’s Arctic Blue Colorway Shown in Live Photos

Yesterday, a leaked render of the Coral Pixel 7a surfaced on Twitter, showing the entire back of the phone in an orange hue and the camera bar in a slightly lighter shade. Today, we have the first live images of the Arctic Blue Pixel 7a.

This year, the upcoming mid-range device from Google will introduce two new color options alongside the traditional white and black variants. In our opinion, the coral iteration of the Pixel 7a appears more aesthetically pleasing compared to the blue variant that was also previously leaked in official renders and was also quite striking.

On Twitter today, SnoopyTech shared two sets of unboxing galleries featuring the new Pixel 7a. The Arctic Blue color variant is showcased in the images and it’s revealed to be a light shade that’s not as faint as the near-white Barely Blue for the Pixel 4a in 2020, but still approaching that. Despite this, both color shades are quite delightful.

The live images of the Arctic Blue Pixel 7a show that the camera bar appears to be more gray and/or silvery when viewed head-on, rather than a lighter color. The side rail is not shown clearly in the images except for the one on the front of the box.

It seems that the phone pictured in the live images shared by SnoopyTech shows regulatory markings at the bottom, which is unusual in the US where FCC ID e-labels are typically used. Additionally, Google’s packaging for the Pixel 7a follows its eco-conscious and minimalist design style.

In addition to the unboxing of the Arctic Blue Pixel 7a, SnoopyTech also shared an unboxing of the Carbon Pixel 7a. From the images, it appears that the Carbon variant has a similar design to the Obsidian Pixel 7, with a black finish and a glossy camera module. This unboxing further suggests that the release of the Pixel 7a is likely to happen soon.

It is important to keep in mind that release dates are subject to change and that nothing is official until it is announced by Google. However, based on current leaks and rumors, it is speculated that the Pixel 7a will be launched on May 10 during Google I/O 2023 keynote.


Snoopy Tech

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